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The AFFQ offers its members a wide range of advantages to help them achieve their professional goals. The more you get involved, the more you gain, so make sure you benefit fully from all that your Association offers and from building on the strength of your network.

To enable you to fully benefit from your membership, the AFFQ offers you personalized accompaniment through its ÉTINCELLES program. Activities planned for Montreal and Quebec City have been specially designed to welcome you, and to facilitate your networking with other AFFQ members.

Discover the advantages

  • Benefit from unique opportunities to establish, maintain and expand a network of contacts in the world of finance, both in Québec and beyond.
  • Raise your professional profile and apply to become a board member offering financial expertise.
  • Enrol in the Mentoring Program, which focuses on finance.
  • Gain exclusive access to the AFFQ member directory.
  • Gain exclusive access to career opportunities posted on the AFFQ website.
  • Make the most of the opportunity to be nominated for one of the prizes awarded at the annual Gala and benefit from the professional advantages of this visibility.
  • Sit on an AFFQ committee or its Board of Directors.
  • Gain access to the News and Articles section of the website and the Association's newsletter in order to share an opinion, publish an article or announce an appointment. 
  • Enjoy reduced rates for most activities (more than 50 per year), access to activities and trips offered to members only, and the chance to take advantage of pre-sale tickets to the most popular activities.  
  • Explore the possibilities of speaking at one of our events. 

Membership Criteria

An inclusive organization awaits you!

Join a dynamic organization that brings together a group of professionals who are passionate about finance. Our members, all highly committed to their specialization, contribute to the reach of an Association that promotes innovation, skills development and effective networking. Being a part of the AFFQ means surrounding yourself with a business network that is proactive, strong, inclusive and proud of its impact and ambition. It enables you to strengthen your foundation while connecting with new business allies.

To effectively represent the business community, we have expanded our membership criteria and are actively encouraging men to join the AFFQ. Our organization welcomes professional women and men who work in the following sectors:

  • You currently work in an organization whose core business activities are in the finance or insurance sector, regarless of your position;

  • You serve a financial clientele or one associated with the financial sector (e.g.: commercial lawyer, human resources specialist, recruiter for the financial industry, accounting firms, etc,);

  • You work in a finance department of a company (e.g. CFO, Controller, Director of Finance).


Do you fit this description? If so, join us!

The AFFQ offers three types of membership:
Regular: 35 and over - $295 per year (November 1 to October 31)
Next generation: 34 and under - $200 per year
Student: Free1
Recruiter rate:2 $225 per person ($450 for the two memberships)

  1. Proof of full-time studies in business administration, insurance, accounting or for an AMF certification is mandatory.
  2. We offer a reduced rate to members in good standing for the past year, who introduce
    and encourage new participants to join the Association. If more than one person joins
    on the recommendation of the current member, all additional new members will
    receive a rate of $225 for their first year with us. To take advantage of this rate, please
    contact the Association at


Member Directory Form

Please complete the form below to initiate the application process. The professional involvement sections are optional but highly recommended. We strongly encourage you to complete them, even at a later date, in order to take full advantage of the services offered by your Association.



In order to complete your membership, we ask you to add your bio. If it is not possible for you to do so immediately, please enter in the box "To be completed" and finalize it in the following days.

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In fulfilling their specific mandates, the various AFFQ committees all contribute to the Association's reputation and success. The committees meet on a monthly basis. They work in close collaboration with the AFFQ leadership team and report to the Board of Directors.

To join a committee, please advise us of your interests by checking the applicable boxes.

Please note that you can also fill in this form at a later date if you prefer.

The Membership and Member Services Committee is co-chaired by one board member and ia member of the AFFQ. The committee is comprised of volunteer members. It is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors on the following issues:

  • Strategies to adopt to maintain and increase membership;
  • Management and monitoring of the membership process;
  • Organization of specific activities to recruit and build loyalty among AFFQ members.

The Membership And Member Services Committee is responsible for guiding new members and deploying the recruitment activities put forward by the Board.

The Member Services Committee, which is responsible for presenting the advantages that the AFFQ offers members and non-members, notably serves as an advisory committee for various large-scale projects that have an impact on many other Association initiatives.

From time to time, this committee may be called upon to approve content and conduct preliminary work and discussions before recommendations are presented to the Executive Committee.

The Career 4.0 Committee aims to encourage, promote, and support women on their career paths.


  • Identify the skill sets and interests of women looking for their next challenge.
  • Explore the opportunities available to them.
  • Highlight their full potential in line with their values.
  • Build awareness to companies regarding l'expertise 4.0 and create a forum for discussion.
he Cercles d’enrichissement committee is responsible for implementing the new co-development and knowledge sharing program initiated by the AFFQ since fall of 2017. The committee is planning six meetings about current issues that aim to improve the professional practices of attendees and help spur them to action.
The committee is primarily responsible for the following:
Choosing topics for the knowledge sharing meetings;
Planning the knowledge sharing meetings;
Recruiting the meeting moderators and speakers;
Supporting and guiding the moderators;
Hosting the meetings (greeting attendees, introducing moderators, thanking participants, etc.).

The Professional Development and Advancement Committee is responsible for planning stimulating, innovating and highly relevant events with an aim to:

  • expand and enhance members' knowledge and professional skills;
  • inform members about the latest finance industry trends and best business practices;
  • increase members' professional, personal and relational aptitudes to help them expand their horizons and better manage their careers.

This committee is primarily responsible for planning special events that provide our members with an international perspective of the world of finance.

The Special Events Committee also organizes group trips in Quebec, Canada and the U.S.

As its name suggests, the Women on Boards Committee promotes and supports the selection of accomplished professional women to sit as board members of private, public and parapublic companies and organizations, including in the government sector. As part of its mandate, this committee: 

  • strives to increase the number of women who sit on boards of directors;
  • acts as a liaison to promote the appointment of women to boards of directors;
  • supports the integration of these women on boards of directors; 
  • facilitates access to governance training programs; 
  • facilitates access to networks of decision makers and influencers.

In fulfilling its mission to promote the talent and expertise of women as company board members, the AFFQ has developed solid partnerships with major players in the industry, such as the Institute of Corporate Directors, Collège des administrateurs de sociétés, Financial Women's Association of New York, and Bénévoles d'affaires organization.

The Gala Les Talentueuses Committee is responsible for organizing the annual AFFQ recognition evening. This high-profile event, attended annually by more than 600 guests, recognizes and celebrates excellence among our members and the next generation of women in finance.

The AFFQ Mentoring Program Committee supports members in their professional development and career advancement. It is responsible for promoting and deploying the Mentoring Program and for making recommendations to the board of directors regarding alliances and projects to support members in their development.
This committee is notably responsible for the following:
Recruiting mentors for the program; 
Soliciting applications from potential mentorees; 
Pairing mentors and mentorees;
Organizing orientation meetings and training sessions;
Monitoring the dyads and mentor-mentoree relationship to ensure that the program is meeting its objectives. 

The mandate of the Next Generation (NG) Committee is to create networking opportunities for members 34 and younger through a wide range of events and conferences. These activities aim to enable members to begin developing a solid business network early in their careers and to build on these relationships to further their achievements and extend their reach as professionals. The initiatives also focus on providing participants with tools to help propel their careers by honing their professional, personal and interpersonal skills. 
Also, the NG Committee forges links with other financial associations to expand the networks of its members.
Finally, the activities conducted by the NG Committee are designed not just for professional women in finance but also for female university students pursuing a degree in finance.

In keeping with the strategic plan of the Board of Directors, the Digital Strategy and Business Intelligence Committee has been mandated to initiate a transition to digital technology and improve data management.  
Mandate of the Committee:
  • Initiate the transition to business intelligence
  • Implement data governance and architecture based on what is currently operational in the AFFQ
  • Encourage data-based thinking in responding to the questionnaire
  • Define the desired data and digital strategy
  • Reflect the strategy of the Association in data governance and architecture

Le comité rayonnement provincial sera responsable de promouvoir l'avancement professionnel des femmes en finances du Québec et de leur rayonnement par le biais de l’association à l’échelle provincial.

Pour ce faire, le comité:

  • organisera 2 à 3 activités wow qui toucheront des membres et non-membres au niveau provincial;
  • tissera des liens avec des entités gouvernementales, des universités, des associations professionnelles et des entreprises qui sont présentes hors de la grande région de Montréal;
  • développera un plan marketing à rayonnement provincial;
  • assurera la promotion de l'AFFQ en travaillant en arrimage constant avec les autres comités existants au sein de l‘association;
  • facilitera l’interconnexion de ses membres de régions lors des périodes de réseautage.

Visibility and Membership THE AFFQ PRESENTS...
As part of its commitment to offer increased visibility to its members and their achievements, the AFFQ publishes a weekly profile of a member in its feature "The AFFQ presents…" The purpose is to highlight a particular story (e.g. the winning of an award). Do you authorize us to highlight your profile in this way?

May other members consult your CV or biographical notes?

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I wish to be listed in the Member Directory, which is accessible to AFFQ members only.

Please note that the AFFQ reviews each application according to the Association's eligibility criteria. In the unlikely event that your application is not retained, rest assured that your payment will be reimbursed in full the same day without penalty.

*Type of Membership :

It is also possible to join at the Next Generation (NG) rate. This rate is offered to candidates who have four to six years of experience in the financial sector. However, if the candidate holds a graduate degree in a discipline related to finance, administration or economics, she will be eligible with two years of experience. The NG rate is $200. To join at this rate, please contact us by e-mail at

To reserve your tickets online, you must pay by credit card via PayPal. If you have any questions or if you encounter any problem with the platform, please communicate with us at 514-518-7557.